FIPPS: Brand Identity

client: FIPPS – Federazione Italiana Paralimpica Powerchair Sport business: Paralympcs Sport tools: Logo Design, Brand Identity year: 2020 website: WHAT HAS BEEN DONE (work portfolio below) ENGTotal rebranding work focusing on 4 principles: Dynamism, Play, Drive & Motivation, People. The logo won an announcement from the former Italian Federation of Weelchair Hockey created to […]

Luna Rossa: re-design a 30years old local brand

client: Luna Rossa Milano Srl business: Restaurant Pizza tools: Re-design, Business Design, Service Design, Customer Experience, Visual Identity, Website, UX/UI year: 2020 -2022 website: WHAT HAS BEEN DONE (work portfolio below) ENGLuna Rossa is an historic pizzeria in the province of Milan. Since 30 years a reference point for thousands of customers and lovers […] comparatore di mascherine solo lavabili

client: Design Solving – business: blog tools: Business Design, Brand Identity, Marketing year: 2020 website: WHAT HAS BEEN DONE is a project conceived by Stefano Riva (Design Solving) during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in Italy. At the beginning of March 2020 there were still few cases of Covid in Italy […]

Genuine Way: Ethical and sustainable brands on blockchain

client: Genuine Way business: Software, IT, Blockchain company tools: UX Design, Visual Design year: 2020-2021 website: WHAT HAS BEEN DONE (work portfolio below) ENG Genuine Way is a tech service provider specializing in the development and distribution of blockchain-integrated solutions for manufacturers of consumer goods in the food, fashion, cosmetics & pharma industries. The […]

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