QuiVicino: Blockchain dal Campo al Panificio

client: QuiVicino – ASPAN Bergamo / Genuine Way business: Agri-Business tools: App Design, UX/UI Design, Customer Experience, Web Design year: 2021 website: quivicino.genuineway.io WHAT HAS BEEN DONE ENG The QuiVicino Project designed in collaboration with Genuine Way for ASPAN allows you to find products made with flours derived from wheat grown in the province of […]

FIPPS: Brand Identity

client: FIPPS – Federazione Italiana Paralimpica Powerchair Sport business: Paralympcs Sport tools: Logo Design, Brand Identity year: 2020 website: fipps.it WHAT HAS BEEN DONE (work portfolio below) ENGTotal rebranding work focusing on 4 principles: Dynamism, Play, Drive & Motivation, People. The logo won an announcement from the former Italian Federation of Weelchair Hockey created to […]

Luna Rossa: re-design a 30years old local brand

client: Luna Rossa Milano Srl business: Restaurant Pizza tools: Re-design, Business Design, Service Design, Customer Experience, Visual Identity, Website, UX/UI year: 2020 -2021 website: tranciolunarossa.it WHAT HAS BEEN DONE (work portfolio below) ENGLuna Rossa is an historic pizzeria in the province of Milan. Since 30 years a reference point for thousands of customers and lovers […]

mascherinelavabili.it: comparatore di mascherine solo lavabili

client: Design Solving – mascherinelavabili.it business: blog tools: Business Design, Brand Identity, Marketing year: 2020 website: mascherinelavabili.it WHAT HAS BEEN DONE ENGmaschinelavabili.it is a project conceived by Stefano Riva (Design Solving) during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in Italy. At the beginning of March 2020 there were still few cases of Covid in Italy […]