Solving problems.

Designing Experience.

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design thinking process with icon and workflo: research, empathize, define, ideate, prototyping, test, implement

What means Design Thinking

DESIGN? Design Thinking comes from the way of designers working.
During the years has been learned that the methodology can be exploited not only for the production of objects.
Enhance the interaction between man and digital, between man and the service itself.

“Design Thinking allows to solve complex problems using an unconventional problem management. Creative, capable of mobilizing all corporporate resources.”

Human Centered Design

Design Thinking path is innovative.

It start with the consideration of the customer, the context and the business. Understanding this point, will proceede to a non-homogeneous design phase, this is not negative,  it will allow the development of multiple different and/or opposite solutions let the team working to develop at 360 °.

Design Solving has the aim of bringing this methodology as a strategy for innovation in Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and in the various business environments (Consulting, Design, Marketing, Research.)

Where to use Design Thinking

Service design

Re-design of obsolete processes

New Marketing Models

Development of multiservice ideas

Advertising, Branding

Where there is simplify needs

Consulting and in different business sectors

To IDENTIFY a problem by following a method that brings a solution

To expand the business model with small or large CHANGES

To simplify

To create user-centered SERVICES

Why to use Design Thinking

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