Differentiate to be competitive.

Spread the brand culture to have a unique identity.

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Above the product and the service: storytelling is the key to differentiation

The brand identity, is necessary if you want to develop business in competitive markets.

In reality, the market in which we operate today is an HYPER – COMPETITIVE MARKET.

Study your brand identity

Everyone thinks they have the best product. Even if, it’s not enough to have the best product or service. Unfortunately it’s no longer the only thing that matters in the market.

It’s necessary to make it recognizable within a sector. Identify the right target and express your personality to attract new customers.

For Design Solving, the storytelling wants to be the key to differentiate and engage users/customers. In this article written on Harvard Business Review says that “Beautiful stories do much more than create a sense of connection. They build familiarity and trust and allow the listener to enter the story where they are, making them more open to learning. “

Quality is always a PREMIUM solution in any offer: telling the value of the brand and passing it on to people, allows you to take a step forward building your own identity.


Design Solving pushes the development of the BRAND especially if you want to develop a winning personality (Logo Design, Service Design, User Interface and therefore User Experience). Examples can start here.

Industry 4.0, Digital, Internet of Things


History, Territory, Product identity

The paths of each company, identity and brand are different. Regardless of this, it’s necessary to learn from the past to “attack” the future.

In both cases, whether you deal with a high tech company or a small medium-sized company based on your country, the business changes with the times and demands of the external environment.

To tell your service or product in the best way you need to push the change starting from a careful identity development, focusing the priority on future goals.

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3 Rules to differentiate with branding


Start your journey looking for the strong point of your business and what you want to be for the customer.

Through “different steps” it communicates the value that you will give to the customer if he will trust you.


Building the brand (not just the logo) puts the company in a different position in the market. It can say: “I want to be here for a long time, I’m not passing through”.

To “navigate the future” every part of the company that reaches the customer must be coherent, the story you tell with branding must be able to be connected with the actions you do, both today and in ten years.


A good brand starts from the idea that the company logo not only shows the company name (a logo), but also conveys a more symbolic message (an experience)…

Good design is a functional solution that adds value to your brand. Also a better User Experience do this.

Briefly: UX design makes it possible not making the experience for the customer only “beautiful”, but above all “functional and user-centered”.

The brand cannot only enhance itself. NOW must be based on the user and his needs.

Therefore, if you don’t have a solid brand or if it’s not sufficiently clear, your company is missing out on opportunities.

branding venn diagram and customer experience, user experience design

UX Design allows you to create a brand that responds to 5 points:

1. Satisfy the user by intercepting needs with research on the “perfect customer” for your product / service.

2. Accessibility in seeking information (it can be within a website or even in a brochure).

3. User Experience design define the visual characteristics of your mission and vision previously sketched on paper.

4. Provides  feedback on your audience, with the ability to block errors and fix them quickly through the

5.prototyping. This allows you to search and test new solutions with the work team, customers and stakeholders.

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How UX Design allow you to create the brand

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