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Stefano Riva

holistic Designer

I graduated from Academy of Brera in Design and specialized in Management and Service Design at the Bicocca University of Milan.
The latest studies on business management and service design turned out the vision of design as a global methodology, capable of mobilizing all company resources, including its culture in various departments such as business development, management, marketing, research.

In 2017 I started this idea, this project called designsolving.com and i’m focusing my work on innovation based on design thinking and human centered design.

I try to bring my thoughts into the work I do, building relationships with potential clients, small and medium enterprises, understanding the various personalities.
Different situations/scenarios help me gain the experience and the importance of listening to the customer, regarding any issues, as well as positive feedback to achieve optimal results based on the request.


Team Wall

network of collaborators, consultants, “teammates”…

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Simone Saleri

Full Stack Developer

Mr. Simone Saleri (a.k.a Rob De Matt), Full stack Developer. He got bachelor degree in computer science and is finishing his master’s degree at Bicocca University of Milan..

Now, he collaborates with some innovative “Milanese” startups and luckly also with me.

Simone is not afraid of challenges, especially if the code is involved. When a problem arises, I turn to him, knowing that the best solution is already fermenting in his head. He always pushing his level ever higher.

For breakfast Simone eats Python, Ruby, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap. He is a lover of innovation, digital and marketing.

He can freak out for a vintage Gibson from the 1950s or for the new features of Ableton Live.
He is also the face behind the pseudonym of Rob De Matt, an emerging deejay producer of electronic music.


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Raffaele Tufano


Andrea Castenetto

Web Designer Developer

Andrea Castenetto, 25 anni, di Milano è un designer-programmatore con 8 anni di esperienza nello sviluppo di siti web e applicazioni per piccole e medie imprese.

Attualmente lavora come sviluppatore di app Angular e designer libero professionista; nel tempo libero pubblica abitualmente articoli e guide nel suo blog per programmatori.

La sua grande passione lo spinse ed alimenta tuttora la sua necessità di approfondire vari settori connessi all’informatica come: SEO, UI e UX, Accessibilità, Sistemi Cloud, Progressive Web App e Web Standard.

Ama lo sport, la musica e spesso si chiede come ha fatto ad essere così fortunato per appassionarsi a un settore così interessante.


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Works based on Methodology

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Works based on Methodology